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Nicholas Kory

Nicholas Kory is a veteran actor of the Brainerd Lakes area. What started as his final credit for an AA degree at Central Lakes College ended up being his entry point to the world of theatre, where he has performed in 17 shows since 2013. Such shows range from drama to musical comedy, including Young Frankenstein, The Elephant Man, and Art. He found his acting home as a semi-regular amongst the talented folks at Brainerd Community Theatre. Now, he is excited to join his friends at Actor’s Repertory Theatre.

Nicholas Kory is a husband and father of three. He works as a remote game designer for Fantasy Flight Games, which is based in Roseville, MN. He previously enjoyed experimenting as a self-published author, a blog writer, a streamer, and an independent game designer. You can find more information on all of his past projects at his website,

He extends his gratitude to his family for their love and support in all of his creative endeavors, and he looks forward to seeing you at a future show.

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