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To better understand Actors Repertory Theatre.

Is ART a 'Community Theatre'?

No, our roots are in community theatre, to be sure. And our mission is partly focused on giving back to the community through our programming and collaboration with other organizations that serve the greater community. But we do not function as a typical community theatre in many respects. We do not hold open call auditions, but rather select actors most suited to each production. We select for production plays that most typical community theatres would refrain from staging. We emphasize the work of the actor above everything else, choosing material that relies first and foremost on the talents of them.

How do actors become part of ART productions?

We reach out to actors when we recognize that their particular talents will be a great fit for the work we're producing. Any actor interested in being considered for ART should contact us directly and we will arrange to meet and discuss what our upcoming projects are and how you might become a part of that.

Are ART company actors bound exclusively to ART projects?

No, our acting company remains fluid. Company members are free to audition for other productions, and have done so, successfully. We believe actors need to act, and we encourage them to do so in whatever projects may become available to them.

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